Praying for Spring and RANDOM Thoughts.


Happy Monday Everyone!
I have a strong feeling this week is going to be a really good one. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low-key spent time with family and got caught up with a few things I needed to get done. I also was able to see Divergent which was awesome. I had read the book prior to seeing the movie so I knew what was going to happen. Can we just stop and admire how sexy Theo James aka “Four” is.

Today’s blog post is randomness in a page. I wasn’t quite sure


Reaching for my coach poppy in my D.I.Y plate stand. I finally got around to doing some of my D.I.Y’s I have been stashing on pinterest and this one turned out to be a really pretty one.


My beautiful flowers that I purchased for myself the other day. Who says you can’t buy yourself some pretty flowers every now and then?! These add a pop of color to my rather uncolorful room.


These three necklaces are my go to right now. I love how simple yet spring/summer appropriate they are. I picked up the hot air balloon and camera necklace at Target and the other one is from Fossil.

Well that’s all the randomness I have for you today. Bare with me I am finalizing my vacation and trying to do extra work for my job so that I can be stress free when I leave in May.

Talk to you on Wednesday,

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