Pittsburgh Haul

As promised this will be last that you hear of my Pittsburgh road trip. I wanted to conclude it by showing you the few things I picked up. If you’ve missed my part one or two of my recap check them out here and here!



While walking the Strip on Saturday morning my friends and I stopped by Penzeys Spices. I could not resist the baking spices and picked up a couple of things for my baking adventures. I am so excited to bake with all these things.




Roxannes Dried Flowers was our next stop. It was a really cool shop with a lot of dried flowers and perfume. I couldn’t resist picking up a small bouquet. I placed them in a mason jar as a beautiful decoration for my room. (& yes those are my baby shoes)



The last couple goodies were picked up at a asian market. The love for sweets is strong and I had to pick up some, because you can’t walk out without getting some Hello Panda- Jumbo Size.

I hope you all have a great Friday!

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