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For all of my East Coast people Happy snow day! I can’t believe we had yet another snow storm. Seriously spring why are you taking so long?! I miss you.

As most of you know I love watching movies. Ever since I can remember I treasured the opportunity of going and watching a movie at our local theater. I think it must be because my parents never felt like spending money on going to a theater was necessary. I remember the very first time my dad took me to the movies it was to see A Cinderella Story (2004). I treasured that moment so much I kept my ticket stub safe and I kept adding to that collection every time I went to the movies. Now being a “adult” I have added many more ticket stubs without thinking about it. I have held on to all of my ticket stubs since 2004 and I wanted to do something special with them.

Here is what you will need:
Movie Stubs/Concert Tickets – anything you collect
Elmer’s Glue
Memory Box -I purchased mine at Michael’s



Follow these steps to accomplish this same keepsake box. It’s perfect for decor around the house. The best thing is that it has a story to it that you can share with guest.

First Step

Second Step

Third Step

Final Project

Do you collect anything? Are you a movie theater aficionado?
Have a great Monday!

One thought on “Movie Stub Memory Box

  1. I got suckered in to the AMC movie membership thing years ago, back when it was moviewatchers but now it’s AMC stubs. Long story short, we spend so much money at AMC that it pays off but with the stubs program, all the tickets we bought are part of an online stub collection. I’m not sure it’s as visually appealing but it definitely keeps me from being a cluttery mess (I used to keep EVERYTHING regardless of how significant it was, not so much anymore).

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