Update: Organizing, Job & More SNOW!

Happy Monday Everyone!
I feel like I need to explain where I have been and why I haven’t been posting lately.
February was one of those crazy months at work. With the snow everything gets shifted and we end up having to rearrange so many things, it got a lot more hectic than normal. Speaking of snow, what is up with this weather? Today is another snow day, and it does not look like it is stopping anytime soon :(. Spring where are you?! Please come quick!


I have finally purchased all of the pieces of furniture that I wanted to revamp my room. I am very excited about having all white furniture it will go very well with pretty much everything. I still have so much to do, but at least I don’t have to worry about furniture. Here are some glimpses of what I have been working on.



Overall it has been a successful month. I am looking forward to March I have a couple of exciting things scheduled and hopefully I will be blogging more. *fingers crossed*

Enjoy your Monday!

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