Valentine’s Day: As a single girl.


So if you haven’t checked the calendar we are two days away from Valentine’s Day. I know I know this is probably the worst holiday if you have yet to find your significant other. I feel ya. I will be spending another Valentine’s Day single and I wanted to share with you some tips on how to put a positive spin on this holiday made for two.


Tip #1 Look your best.
When we feel and look good we tend to shine from the inside. Don’t worry about this holiday even if your single try to look your best. When you take your mind off of what is wrong with this day you will see how quickly it will fly by. Enjoy being single and relax, the right person will show up eventually.


Tip #2 Buy yourself flowers.
Who said it was unacceptable for you to buy yourself flowers? I say ignore the negative people and if you want to buy yourself flowers go for it. Not only will they brighten up a dark spot in your place, but it will make you happy looking at them. Not a fan of flowers? Then purchase a small little treat for yourself as a reminder that you are important.


Tip #3 Tell someone you love them.
I know you don’t have a significant other to say I love you too, but you can always pick up a phone and call your mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandpa, grandma, your friends, your cat or dog the list could go on and on, and tell them you love them. If phone calls aren’t your thing write someone a little note, those are always more special, at least in my eyes. Make sure that those around you know how much you care about them. This day is about love so spread the cheer to everyone you love!


Tip #4 Watch a movie.
Treat yourself to a movie you have been dying to watch. Call your other single friends and make it an evening of it. If all of your friends are occupied with plans don’t worry you can still enjoy a movie alone. Pop some popcorn and relax you deserve it after a long week.


Tip #5 Eat some chocolate.
This should be self-explanatory. Eat chocolate in moderation indulge in your sweet tooth, but don’t let it ruin your day. Allow yourself to eat a few pieces of chocolate or candy as a treat.

I hope all my single girls have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Remember you are loved and you shouldn’t sit at home crying because that special person hasn’t shown up yet. Enjoy your single days and spread happiness and love.


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: As a single girl.

  1. I just watched Stuck in Love yesterday. I thought it was pretty good. I don’t mind being single on Valentine’s Day this year. As long as I get some chocolates, I am good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I really want to see a movie in theaters this year (probably Endless Love) but I don’t want to subject my bf to that so I probably won’t on Valentines day. Even as someone in a relationship, I feel like its just another day (with overuse of red, pink and hearts). I always thought of it as a day to express love regardless of who it is, I always tried to give my friends a little something nice (usually a bag of candy) to say I love them ๐Ÿ™‚ I really just want to stay home and make cheesecake on Valentines Day. Hahaha

    1. I love the sound of making a cheesecake and staying in my PJ’s all day long. I might have to steal your idea. Yes a Netflix marathon is in order!

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