Review: HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette


*Sorry for the low light pictures, but light reflects off of this like crazy!*

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this review since this product was the talk of the town. This was another splurge I did when the Sephora VIB sale was going on, many months ago. I promise I bought some actual things I needed not just new makeup. You can find this palette at sephora This is no longer available :(.


The first thing you see is that the packaging of this palette is reflective which makes it really hard to photograph. It is a very sleek and clean design. If you hate finger prints all over your makeup you might want to turn away and leave this post NOW! This packaging holds fingerprints like it’s is job. It doesn’t bother me but hey it might to some of you.



This palette brings:
-Dim Lighting
-Incandescent Light
-Radiant Light

The two powders I gravitate to the most are Dim Light and Radiant Light. These two particular shades compliment my skin tone very well. The Incandescent Light is a bit too light/shimmery for a highlighting powder so I haven’t used that too many times.
Overall I really like that I was able to try three different Hourglass powders without breaking the bank. Was this palette necessary? NO. Absolutely not, but it will be one that I will use all year around for that natural highlight/glow.

Do you own this palette? What is your favorite highlighter/ face powder?


5 thoughts on “Review: HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette

  1. Love that palette. I agree, I’m a huge Dim Light fan. I’ve started trying to use Incandescent as a highlight & Radiant as a contour version of setting powders. LOL at least I feel like it works! 🙂

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