Being a Better Me: 8 tips for being healthy

As you all know I have been MIA these last few weeks. I have been working on becoming a better me. As 2014 approaches I decide that December would be the month to start forming healthy habits before January arrives. I never considered myself to be unhealthy but I sure wasn’t doing everything to treat my body right. I started to let the little things weigh me down and I ended up not feeling like myself. Here are 10 tips I started doing to get my life back on track and feeling happier.



#1: Drinking more water.
To be exact 65 oz of water a day. Yep that is a lot of bathroom trips, but your body gets use to it and it becomes habit. Not only is water good for your body (skin and hair), but it helps flush out all of the nasty things we intake. I have been drinking just water for 3 years now but never enough which is only half the battle.

#2: Eating more fruits and Vegetables.
This is something I have just recently started doing this month. I make sure I have 3 fruits and 3 vegetables a day. My body has started feeling so much better with more energy and power. I cannot stress how important this is to feeling healthier and happy.


#3 Going to the gym regularly.
After recovered from my knee injury I have been slowly going back to the gym. To be honest this is not the easiest task. If my day is packed I sometimes don’t get to the gym and I realize how much more stressed and worried I am. For me the gym is a way to do something just for myself which often is a rare thing these days with work and family I often forget I need to take care of myself.

#4 Getting 7-8 hours of sleep.
I know sometimes this isn’t possible, but getting enough sleep is probably the best gift you can give your body period. Trust me you wake up with more energy and sometimes Mondays don’t seem that bad (this may not be the case for all Mondays).



#5 Applying SPF every day.
I never use to do this I never thought it was worth it to be honest. I read a couple of articles and did some research about taking of your skin and one of the best things you can do is protect it from harmful UV rays. If that doesn’t convince you my skin’s has been looking lighter and has a natural glow. I use to have issues with my dark spots getting darker and it was because of the pesky UV rays. I’ll have a post on how I am disappearing my dark spots later this month.


#6 Applying a face mask once a week.
The benefits of beauty mask can be so good for your skin. They can health balance you skin and give you a few minutes to pamper yourself. I started doing this again in December since my skin was feeling dry this month and it has made wonders in my foundation routine.

#7 Exfoliating and Moisturizing the body.
I was never much of a exfoliating and moisturizing kind of girl. Those 2 extra minutes in the shower to scrub dead skin cells and those 4 extra minutes to replenish moisture was not worth it in my book. I discovered how much those things can change the way your skin moves. When you skin is nice and clean and moisturized it feels better and softer what more can you ask for.


#8 Exfoliating your face once a week.
I know I already mentioned exfoliation of the body but trust me that doesn’t mean the face. I though exfoliating my face was going to be too harsh but it’s the opposite if you find a natural moisturizing exfoliant that helps scrub off the dead layer of skin cells off, not your actual skin.

I’m sure there are many more healthy things one can do to become healthier these are just the ones I decide to tackle before the beginning of 2014. I’m hoping that by doing all of these 2014 will be a happy and successful year.

What have you been doing lately to be healthy? Any tips you would give me?


2 thoughts on “Being a Better Me: 8 tips for being healthy

  1. I love that pumpkin mask! The only other thing I would add to your list to take vitamins/supplements, sometimes we think we get enough through regular food but I know I definitely don’t. I recently went to the doctor and she was worried I’m anemic so she told me to take iron supplements. But I know calcium is a huge issue with women. Anyways, great post! 🙂

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