First Impression: real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Today I am bringing you a first impressions post. Basically I will write one of these when I have only tried the product out a few times (no more than 3 times!). Today I want to share my experience with the real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I got this from Ulta a few days ago. What drew me to this product was the shape something I had never seen before. Let’s not forget the price as well $4.99 that’s a huge selling point for someone that forked over $20 for the beautyblender.

Let’s talk about the unique shape. From one side it looks like your average knock-off beauty blender just colored differently. Once you turn it you get a angled flat side that something that is very unique in design. Which I have been enjoying quite a bit. I find that the angled flat side allows me to pat my foundation much easier than a rounded side.



I will be honest and say that the quality seems a little bit lower than the beautyblender, but not enough to say that it will rip or tear when you use it. Knowing that it only cost $5 I knew that it wasn’t going to be super high quality sponge material. If you don’t abuse it and take relatively good care of the sponge I can see it lasting quite a while.

Overall thoughts I am enjoying it very much. Do I recommend? YES if your looking for a new sponge or just a new way to apply your foundation. I will update you if my feelings change.

How do you apply your foundation? Ever tried one of these beauty sponges? Like them dislike them?


5 thoughts on “First Impression: real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

  1. I’ve been beautyblender-less for months and have been waiting until IMATS to actually purchase one. LOL. I’m too skeptical to try out any other sponge. But it’s good to hear about alternative sponges.

    1. I was too! I mean nothing really quite compares to the beautyblender in my opinion, but I wanted to give this real technique makeup sponge a try. Have you ever tried the black or white beautyblender? I have seen them at Sephora but I’m never sure about them, which is a silly thing to say. My brain can’t wrap it’s head around the fact that the beautyblender is not bright pink!

      1. I haven’t tried them but I know it has to do with a more professional look, something men can use, as well. Not that it would matter once the foundation stains. But the pink is definitely a signature!

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