A little Vacation …


For the past 10 days I was house sitting for a couple in my town. I had never house sat before, but I absolutely enjoyed the experience. They were kind enough to make me feel so welcome while I was away. I never understood why people took 2-10 day vacations. I thought surely you don’t have enough time to relax by the time you start getting use to the place you have to come back. I absolutely had the time of my life taking care of the house and their dog. I was able to let my creative juices flow! They had a great little space where I took pictures. Their space is vintage meets chic and functional, they just had a very inspirational home. I feel great being back home and ready to start this new year!

I took these pictures with their permission so enjoy some of the beauty that surrounded me for those 10 days.



Her wedding bouquet


Have you ever taken a mini-vacation? Ever house sat before?


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