Lorac: Solid Gold & Platinum Status Eye Shadow Palettes


I have recently fallen in love with Lorac. I purchased a palette off of Hautelook and was instantly hooked. My best friend has raved about the Pro Palette and how amazing the eye shadows are. I told myself that after buying the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 I would not buy any more “big palettes”. I was shopping at Ulta and came upon these beauties for a fraction of the price. These are colors that I don’t think the Naked 1 or 2 have and if they do Oh WELL, these are more travel friendly.


These will be the last purchase of eye shadow palettes I do in a long time. I have to start saving for my trip to France. I also picked a few extra for christmas gifts, too early? Whoops! I got carried away thinking about the holidays.

Lora Platinum Status $12.00
-This palette includes 5 cool, captivating eye shadows shades.


If I could have only picked up one of these palettes I would have picked this one. The colors are beautiful and aren’t as sheer on your lid. I think this is a good holiday palette for those interested in creating softer plum looks.

Lorac Solid Gold $12.00
-This palette includes 5 glamorous, warm eye shadows shades.


I was a bit disappointed in this particular palette. I felt that with such amazing colors you have to work at getting the color to show up. I think this palette is probably best used with a base. I’m not saying it’s not a good palette but you aren’t getting Urban Decay quality here.


The packaging isn’t anything special either, it has magnetic closure to prevent the lid from opening up in your purse/ makeup bag.

Do you own any LORAC products?

I will see you all on Friday!

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