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Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am reviewing a trio of body butters by Soap and Glory. I absolutely love their Hand Food Hand Cream and I have previously tried the Righteous Butter that comes in this kit. I knew this was going to be one kit I could not pass up this Holiday Season. You can find it at Sephora for $15.


This set contains:
– 1.69 oz The Righteous Body Butter™
– 1.69 oz Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream
– 1.69 oz Butter Yourself™ Body Cream


Like I mentioned at the beginning I have already tried this body butter before and loved it! This does have a strong scent that lingers after it has been absorbed onto the skin. The best way I could describe this is a clean, floral scent that smells very luxurious. I love how it melts into your skin and leaves you feeling very hydrated. This is not the MOST rehydrating body butters I have used but If you don’t need anything crazy it works perfectly.


This body butter has to be my least favorite of the three. I think it’s the scent. I don’t normally go for sweet-smelling body butters/lotions. Speaking of smells this has a very lime and sugar scent. You can also smell a hint of coconut it isn’t as powerful once on the skin which makes it wearable for me but I wouldn’t run out and buy this. The same thing about hydration applies to this body butter as the last one.


This body butter is supposed to be the super rich body butter in the bunch. I personally feel it is just a notch up from its counter parts I didn’t think it did anything out of the ordinary. I tend to have really dry skin in the winter specially on my legs. I applied this during the night on my bottom half and the next day I felt I needed more of the body butter because my skin was starting to feel a bit dry. If you don’t have this issue this might be perfect for you. In terms of smell this is a very different smelling body butter compared to the other three. This has a very strong floral and cologne smell which isn’t too bad it just makes your nose think for a little bit.

Would I purchase this kit again? I think it’s worth trying out and seeing if these body butters work with your skin. I probably will not be purchasing the full size of these products since there are plenty of other drugstore option that provide more hydration for my skin. This is a nice set to gift for the holidays.

See you all on Wednesday!


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