Pumpkin Bread – Day 26


Oh joy it is Saturday! A day we all look forward to all week so why not treat yourself to something yummy. Today I will sharing this pumpkin bread recipe that I found here. It is perfect for this chilly weather we have been hit with. So grab your coziest sweater and serve yourself a nice slice of this wonderfulness.
*side note I finally learned how to use text links. I’m such a slow poke*

Here is what you will need + some other things.




I always like to add my own twist to recipes I find online. This one was no different and I think I made it even better. I replaced the water in the recipe with milk, used less sugar and added some chocolate chips. Be creative and try out different ingredients on your recipes you might find some replacements that take your recipe to the next level.





Have a wonderful Saturday!
See you all tomorrow.

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