My 3 Go To Products -Day 24


This week has been super busy for me. I have so much going on at work that I haven’t been sleeping much. I often have to decide on getting a few extra minutes of sleep or looking presentable. Of course I choose those precious extra minutes of sleep. You may ask how do you not look like a walking zombie? I have found three fool-proof products that help me look more presentable.


In this picture I am wearing a light layer of foundation to even out my skin and have let these three products shine through with minimal make-up.


1.The first thing is finding a really good concealer that can cover under eyes and red spots from lack proper rest.
2.Find a really good no fuss lip product in a color that brings out your natural beauty. Try picking something one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.
3. A nice go to eyeliner. I prefer a gel in a dark brown to soften my look you can use a powder or a felt tip liquid liner it’s your choice. Make sure your line is thin to not detract from your beautiful eyes.



Hope these tips helped!
Let me know of any other tips that work for you?

Happy Thursday Everyone
Don’t forget to come back for a OOTD tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “My 3 Go To Products -Day 24

  1. I like that lip shade! Lip crayons are so much easier to use 🙂 I find myself leaving lipsticks & other glosses for crayons/pencils. I haven’t tried that eye liner but I think I will when I run out of my ELF liner. I like your easy minimal look.

    1. Thanks! I absolutely love lip crayons they are such an easy product to use. I love trying out new beauty products, but when life gets in the way it’s always a good idea to have a go to look that requires minimal effort. I think both eye liners are comparable to each other in terms of pigmentation, staying power, and price. I actually think I like the formulation of my wet’n wild eye liner better.

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