Apple Strudel Muffins – Day 19


Hello everyone! I am really you decided to stop by and see what I cooked up this Saturday. I wanted something easy and great for breakfast time. I came across this recipe from all and decided to try it out. Here is where you can find it


I woke up this morning and started the prep work and was done in about 20-25 minutes. They serve 12 people and you have the right amount of batter to not have any left over, which I always celebrate.



I ended up using one medium-sized apple and that was enough for the batter. I was a bit hesitant to do two apples because I wasn’t sure how the apple pieces would taste in this particular mixture. After trying them I would say you could add an apple and a half and you would be fine.




I hope this inspires you to bake something today!
Have a wonderful Saturday.
See you all tomorrow!


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