Fall Favorites: Boots -Day 17

Fall is in full swing and there is nothing I love better than Boots! I’m sure we all have our favorite pair that gets used more than they really should. I’m guilty of that last fall/winter. So to avoid that from occurring again I went out in search for three pairs of boots that were different and unique to add to my shoe collection.



The first one is a combat boot that I picked up from Target for $39.99. This particular boot never really called my name before. I thought I couldn’t pull it off and that they would be so hard to style. Flash forward a month and a half later I absolutely love them. I took a big gamble on purchasing these boots because I wasn’t sure how often I would wear them. Luckily they have made themselves at home in my closet and will be worn quite a bit this fall/winter.



The next pair are these booties. I have never owned a pair of boots this short before and with such a chunky heel. I picked these up at ROSS for $8.00, a steal I know right?! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to style them and I am still having some issues in that department. Overall they are a dressier boot that will eventually find the right place in my closet this season.

Any tips on how to style these bad boys?



The last and final pair of boots are these which I picked up at Kohl’s for $49.99. They are what I normally gravitate towards when I thought of boots. I can seriously live in a pair like this all season long. Actually I did last season and lets say that by the time they were done I was in desperate need of a new pair. This go around I bought two pairs. One in black (pictured up top) and one in brown (like the pair I had last year).

Overall I have branched out of my boot comfort zone and I am excited to wear all of these. Keep an eye out for more OOTD featuring some of these boots.

I hope you are having a fantastic Thursday!
See you tomorrow for a OOTD.


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