What I am Loving Week #30 – Day 14


It’s Monday!? What? where is time going? This month is almost half way through and before you know it November will be here. I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I am really hoping this will be a good week for all of us!


Here a few things I have been enjoying lately.


I have been curling my hair quite a bit lately after I decided to get a haircut. I realized I had run out of a heat protectant a long time ago, but never picked up a new one since I didn’t really heat style my long hair. In comes this TRESemme Keratin Heat Protectant this stuff is really good and smell quite nice.


Can we stop a second and admire this bottle of perfume. Have you seen anything cuter? I caved in and picked this perfume last week. I knew I was going to be running out of my Coach Poppy one and needed a replacement. I am so smitten with this perfume it is crazy.


I have been really into darker makeup lately. Nothing too dramatic but a lot of rusty shimmery tones. I had forgotten about this palette and decided to play with it. I absolutely feel in love with the eye look I created. Looks like this palette will be used quite a bit this fall. In combination with this palette I have been wearing this beautiful Burberry lipstick in Cooper it is such a beautiful wearable nude lip color.Last but not least I have been using my EOS lip balm as a primer for all of my lipsticks this week.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
I will see you all tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What I am Loving Week #30 – Day 14

  1. I’m with you on that mintly lip balm, I love it! I’ve always wondered what it would look like when it starts to flatten out! Hahaha. I really want to get a Burberry lipstick too… Maybe soon. I’ve already planned what shade I want (thanks to Temptalia). Is the formula nice?

    1. Well I’m glad I could help you solve that mystery! By the time your done with the EOS lip balm it looks really weird compared to a brand new one. I absolutely love the texture of this particular Burberry lipstick. I can sheer it out or apply two good coats and have the most beautiful color pay off. They are definitely worth the splurge.

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