Nail Care: Base & Top Coats – Day 9


If you ever see me out in real life one thing you will notice is that I have my nails painted 95% of the time. I have slowly learned what to do to maintain healthy, strong, and stain free nails. Trust me trying to grow out your nails after you used stained them with a really dark nail polish is NO FUN!

Today I am sharing with you some great Base & Top Coats and one that just didn’t do it for me.


I will start off by talking about my two favorite combinations on my nails. They are the O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-chip Top Coat. I have used this for quite a while and I love it. I know the O.P.I Base Coat can be $8-$11 and that’s a hard hit on the wallet. If you have the money to spend I would suggest you do it is totally worth it. I have never had strained nails and I pretty much live in dark nail polish all fall & winter.

I absolutely love Sally Hansen and I figured I could not go wrong with trying out her Top Coat. One of the main reasons I picked this up a couple of years ago was the Insta-Dry claim. I am pretty sure it does not dry instantly but it is a really good top coat that gives you a great shine on your manicure and keeps you polish lasting longer (for me 5-7 days).


The last two products I have to talk about are Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat and The Hard As Nails. I have been using the Double Duty B&T Coat for 4 months now I ran out of my combination and wanted to find a multi-product to replace my two other bottles. I enjoy that it convenient and I only have one bottle to take up space. So far I have noticed that my nails aren’t as strong as when I used The O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat. To be completely honest I haven’t noticed a difference from my Insta-Dry Top Coat they both keep my manicure on for 5-7 days. I think this is a great affordable product if you are on a budget and want to protect your nails.

I feel really bad writing this, but I really did not like Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Hard As Wraps Acrylic Gel + Nylon. I promise I tried it with different nail polishes and allowed it to dry for different times. This product just did not set well for me. It smudged my manicure and chipped it before the 5 day mark that I have come to expect from Sally Hansen products. I still have faith I will figure out a way to use it, but for right now it stays with all my other nail polishes.

Hopefully this was useful and helpful in someway. Keep in mind I am not expert just someone who has learned through trial and error. Please let me know what you use as a Base and Top Coat? I am always looking for something better to try.

Have a great Wednesday Everyone!
See you Tomorrow!


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