Autumn/Fall Tag 2013 – Day 8

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Hello! It’s Tuesday and I wanted to this Autumn/fall tag I saw A Sprinkle of love post. Go check her out her blog it’s pretty cool in my humble opinion.


1) Whats your favourite autumn lipstick?
I would have to say it is between Revlon’s Lip Butter in Red Velvet or Rimmel’s Jet Set Red.

2) Whats your favourite autumn trend?
You can never go wrong with riding boots and blazers. It is such a classy look that can be used for pretty much anything you do.

3) Whats your favourite autumn candle?
This is probably everyone’s favorite but I absolutely love Leaves by Bath and Body Works.

4) Do you have any autumn traditions?
I always bake an apple pie or a pumpkin pie, okay I bake both.

5) Whats your favourite thing about autumn?
The way the leaves change and how gradually the temperature changes and you find yourself wrapping up another year. AND the Pumpkin EVERYTHING .

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6) Whats your favourite clothing of item for autumn?
Chunky sweaters or cardigans.

7) Favourite autumn nail polish?
Currently it is Muse by Simple Colors

8) Favourite autumn beverage?
Chai Latte with a shot of pumpkin.

9) Favourite autumn snack?
I don’t really have one. Well do apples count? You can get them all years around.

10) Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn?
Lauren Conrad. Rachel Bilson.

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Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!
See you Tomorrow.


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