31 days of October: Blog Challange

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Well Hello there!
From the title of this post you now know I will be attempting the 31 days of blogging, challenge. I decided to pick October because the weather starts to change and you actually feel like fall is in full swing. If inspiration was ever going to be at an all time high this is the month for me.

What can you expect these next 31 days? Well let me tell you that anything and everything can happen. I will try to continue to post about beauty since I enjoy those kinds of post, but I will also try different styles of post, nothing too crazy I promise!

What this month will include:
-25 or 50 Facts about me tag (not sure which one yet)
-What I’m loving week #…
-More photography
-Inspirational quotes
-Beauty post/Reviews
-Running update
-Baking/ Recipes
-More OOTD

I might be a bit ambitious for this month but what the heck if you don’t try you won’t succeed.

If you have any cool post ideas let me know. I love to hear from you all. Chime away in the comments, PLEASE!

Let’s hope for a lot of inspiration and a good month!

Have a great Weekend and I will see you October 1st!


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