What I’m Loving Week #27


This past week was super busy. Work has gotten busier and I have more paperwork that still needs to be done. In recap this week was stressful. Thank god for a good book and some of my favorite beauty essentials.


Let’s see what I have been enjoying this past week.


I finally got my hands on Divergent. I quickly put my self on the waiting list to check this book out through my public library. I am limiting myself on buying books because there is a perfectly good library a couple of miles from where I live.

So far so good I am excited for the movie to come out.


These three product you see here are my everyday staples. I use these every single day and I have gone through numerous bottles/containers of each. They are truly great products.


My final three beauty products are a couple of new products that I recently picked up. First off you know my love for the Real Technique brushes and this buffing brush does not disappoint. Next is this mascara by Too Faced and even though this is not a water proof formula It makes my lashes look really good. I just have to wipe off a little smudging at the end of the day but no big deal.

Last but not least is this Milani Lip Pencil in Berry Charming. The formulation of this lip pencil is great and it is so pigmented I just fell in love after wearing this past weekend. You will get to see this on me on my Friday post so stay tune for that!

Overall I am grateful for getting through one of the hardest weeks thus far at my job. If I can tackle this past week I can do just about anything.

Hope you have a great start to your week.
Enjoy your Monday!


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