What I’m Loving Week #26


This past week was very relaxing. I spent half of the week at a Mental Health Training for Translating. I enjoyed the training so much! The training made me really proud to be a social worker that is bilingual. I had a pretty relaxing rest of the week which included lots of planning for future blog post and a much need binge on The Mindy Project.


Here are a few of the things I enjoyed last week.


I am so excited about falling slowly approaching. I am excited that my makeup gets a bit darker (especially the lips) as you can see I have been enjoying my E.l.F Lip Balm Tint. This lip balm tint is the perfect transitional lip product with build able color for days you want your lips to stand out a bit. I have been enjoying applying a little bit of highlight on my face to make my check bones stand out while keeping my makeup simple.


I am really enjoying this Tarte palette that has quickly become one of my favorite makeup items. This has so many fall appropriate colors in one place.


As you can see this week’s things are very fall themed. I have been enjoying this Febreze Pumpkin Harvest room spray. I am so excited to have this in my life. The last thing is this book. I finished this in about 10 hours in the span of two days. My heart is happy!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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