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When it comes to lip products I am very picky on what I like. I usually stick to a good chap stick and a safe pink lipstick. I occasionally wear a bright red lip and if I am feeling adventurous I will go with a bold/bright pink lip.

I wanted to share with you what my favorite lip product is at the moment.

It is the Revlon Lip butter.
I have way too many but man are they just the best thing I have ever found. Granted you have to be careful applying these, especially the bright/dark ones.


They are in no particular order.




I feel like I have a great selection of colors. The variety that I personally picked was influenced by the fact that I often times don’t wear a lot of make-up and adding a nice lip product on your lips can take you from tired to put together.

Do you own any Revlon Lip butters?
What is your favorite color?


6 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Butters

  1. :O I am so JEALOUS. I have one Revlon lip butter in Sorbet, and I love it so much. I tend to feel guilty if I buy a lot of one type of product – lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, whatever, so buying multiples of one product is a bit scary for me! I also don’t like to have to sort through a lot of makeup. People who have like drawers of makeup seems crazy to me. I am so indecisive! It would take me forever to choose what I wanted to wear that day.

    1. I actually started very slowly with collecting these. I freaked out the first time I bought two of these but then I was addicted and every few months I would eye one that I thought I would want and then I purchase it. I think having a variety is a good thing but when you over do it that’s when it becomes a waste of money and product. I think these are the only product in my collection that I actually have more than one shade in. I tend to keep everything else very simple so the only deciding I have to do is lip color :).

      1. That makes sense then – I keep forgetting that the lip butters have been around for quite awhile. It always confuses me when people buy two or more of something that they have never tried before. Like, what if you hate it? Then you are stuck with a bunch of a product that you are never going to use and just wasted all that money lol.

  2. I only have one revlon lip butter but it is by far my favourite lip product.
    Its the peach parfait! emma stone was wearing it in the poster and she is stunning so i couldn’t resist!

    1. Peach Parfait is such a beautiful color! I’m absolutley love Emma Stone and she looks stuning in all of the Revlon advertisements.

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