Work- OOTD


I have a lot of flexibility when it comes to what I can wear to work. I really enjoy that about what I get to do every day. There are days when I get to be “casual” t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. Most days I tend to wear a mixture of “casual dressy” which entails jeans and a nice top with flats and jewelry. This is one of my dressier looks it is still casual but has a very nice put together look.

I also want to apologize about the location but I am trying out these OOTD post they take a lot more work than what I expected (props to everyone who does these regularly).





Top: Thrifted originally from Ann Taylor Loft
Pants: Thrifted originally from Express
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Fossil

Any tips for a new OOTD poster? Any tripods you would recommend?


3 thoughts on “Work- OOTD

  1. Sam says:

    OOTD’s are freaking hard. It’s impossible to get a good shot in one picture. It takes like multiple tries and after awhile, it just starts getting frustrating. I give fashion bloggers their props. They must be much more patient than me!

      • Sam says:

        It’s hard because, at least for me, it was all about finding the perfect angle, which is hard because I am tall and my tripod is eight inches shorter than I am!

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