D.I.Y Room Decoration


I have been feeling a bit crafty lately and I wanted to show you what I made.
I wanted to make something simple but that captured the eye.


It is a super easy D.I.Y that you can customize which ever way you want it.
Do a different shape use different supplies, add other things like color.
The possibilities are endless I promise.


Here is what you will need:
Flowers/shapes of your choice (make sure they are 3 dimensional for a better effect)
A canvas (I got my in a pack of 3 for less than 5 bucks)
super glue
Ribbon (to hang it up, and show it off!)


Places your flowers/shapes in whatever shape/order you want the finished product to be in. I decided to do a heart to go with my room decoration.


Now it’s time to begin gluing your flowers/shapes to the canvas.


One thing I found out is that when you use super glue on canvas you have to let it dry a lot longer than expected. I did 4-5 flowers at a time and did something else. I came back every 3-5 min to do the another 4-5 flowers. My reasoning for this was I didn’t want to mess up. Like they say patients is a virtue.


Be careful super glue will stick to your hands (No bueno!)


The final step is to add ribbon to the back to be able to hang it up. I used two different colors a white for the back and a lime green for the front. I wanted to double the sturdiness for this project.


And you have your finished product. Enjoy!
Let me know if you try this out I would love to see your masterpiece.

Have a great weekend!
See you on Monday.


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