What I am Loving Week #14


This week I kept my favorites very simple it was supposed to be a no fuss week right?


First off I dusted off my iPod and added new music to it and it has been my best friend on my commute to work. Redbox deserves a shout out for letting me be lazy and pay a $1.24 to watch a new DVD released movie. I can’t forget my guilty pleasure the Cape Cod 150 calorie chips.


I am absolutely head over heels about this Revlon Lip butter color: Juicy Papaya. I am currently wearing this pinky-coral shade from the Sephora by O.P.I. collection, sadly it doesn’t have a name on it curse these mini nail polishes.

*If you’re wondering what the flowers are for come back on Friday for my D.I.Y.*

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
See you on Wednesday for my weekend recap!


3 thoughts on “What I am Loving Week #14

  1. What Redbox movie did you get? Redbox is such an awesome invention. If you sign up for their emails, they’ll send you coupon codes for $.50 or sometimes even for a free movie. It’s like a good deal gets even better! Nice photos by the way. I really liked how you composed your shots. 🙂 Never tried the Cape Cod chips, but I love Baked Lay’s and Pop Chips. yummmm.

    1. Thanks! I picked up Smashed. It was a movie about a couple who bonded thru alcohol. It was different but good in my opinion. Yes I have signed up for their codes they are the best especially when they give you a free movie rental. I love Lay’s and Pop chips too :).

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