The beauty of life…


I want you to stop and look around you. Do you see it?
The beauty of what today can bring for you. Those wonderful 24 hours God has given you to create something wonderful. I am not talking about having to make something, but to build upon what you are destined to pursue/ do in life.

I refuse to let another day pass without being grateful of what I can do in those 24 hours. I am not the religious type (I do believe in God) but I do believe we are put on earth to accomplish something. Now I am not sure what you will accomplish (not sure what I will accomplish once my time ends here), but you can know for sure that I will try my very best to make each day count towards something good.

This post is dedicated to everyone who was impacted in the Boston Bombing and of course to you. It is never too late to do something good.

Have a great Friday.
See you on Monday

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