What I’m loving Week #12

Welcome back lovely people!
This past week was a bit of a blur but in a good way.
I was super excited for a day trip I was going on Saturday that I felt things just flew by.


So here is what I have been loving this past week.


Three very odd things picture together yes i know what in the world. First off yes I am loving my glasslock shaker. It allows me to bring my shakes every where I go without the fear of spilling it on something (or someone). A mini lint roller enough said. Movie tickets yes movie tickets that will be used this upcoming Friday to finally watch a good movie.


The last three things will not surprise anyone. First off my Shakira perfume which smells like spring. Next this super cute Essie Nail polish in Maximillian Strasse-her which does not scream spring but my nails love it. Last but not least LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover Pad, this new discovery which allows those nail polish junkies to take their nail polish off any where without the smell of Acetone!

See you on Wednesday!

One thought on “What I’m loving Week #12

  1. Essie nail polish is the BEST!! Soo happy I found your blog. New follower here. =)

    Feel free to follow my blog and check it out at beautyonadime.wordpress.com.

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