What I’m Loving Week #8

Last week was not what I was hoping for thanks to the snow storm we had.
This meant I pulled a 17 hour shift and had no less than 5 hours of sleep on Tuesday night.
Let’s just say that the rest of the week was a blur.
Here are some of the things that made me happy this past week.


As you can see nothing too exciting this week. I fee like I was attracted to pampering type things this week.
I almost contemplated not posting this but I have done this for 8 weeks already I MUST KEEP GOING!


First off lets start of with some of the boring stuff. I have now been taking Biotin for 5 months now and no matter how tired I am I will make sure I take this because the results it gives it not worth skipping. My nails and hair are growing and have become healthier Yay! Another thing I have started trying out is doing an organic honey mask for my face at least twice a week for 40 minutes each time. My skin is really enjoying this and I will keep you updated on what are the results I see.


I had to pull out my favorite candle from bath and body works: Leaves and light it because it helped me de-stress. My trusty yellow goody head band was with me through 3.5 miles the beginning of this week before the snow hit and I love it for keeping my hair in place.


Last but not least my favorite chapstick of all time Burt’s Bees in pomegranate. My lips were not feeling this cold weather. I feel like this lipstick from N.Y.C is the one thing that made me look not dead on Wednesday. I just dabbed it on top of my burt’s bees chap stick and it instantly added some nice color to my face.

How was your week?
Anyone hit with the big snow storm?
Have a great week everyone, see you on Wednesday.

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