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As many of you have already figured out by my other post on this blog I am a nail polish junkie.
Yes! I own way more nail polish than what a normal female should ever have in her possession.
Today I bring you a review on my latest addition to my nail polish family.

Urban Decay has a nail polish line? What… I know they are very well know for their beauty products, but never thought they would have nail polishes.


This cute little set is called Showboat nail kit.

You receive six beautiful shades. Four of them are perfect for this upcoming spring and summer. The other two perfect to expand your basic’s collection.


Currently on my nails I am rocking Woodstock and I must say this is an electric Barbie pink that screams “LOOK AT ME”.

I have tried out Covet and Fishnet and I have a fairly good idea how these polishes fold up.

The final verdict: The pigmentation is great if you apply a thick 1st coat you could leave it at that. I recommend two decent coats for the color to shine through. They dry a little bit faster than any of the other brands I have used but nothing to jump up and down for. The wear on these aren’t as good as I was hoping. I could get maybe four full days* without chipping, and that included with O.P.I’s base coat and Sally Hansens Fast Drying Top Coat on before and after applying these nail polishes. Overall if you like bright colors and don’t mind having to change your nail color every four days these are the polishes for you.

*During this trial period I washed dishes by hand. I cooked and cleaned and did everything I would normally do. I also have a bad habit of tapping my fingers on a hard surfaces when I’m nervous.


The application: The brush is a fairly small brush (These are mini polish bottles) great to get into every corner and side of your nail. The formula is not streaky. The colors are opaque enough for one coat of you layer it thick on the first round.One thing I can say is that if you aren’t the best at painting your nails you can end up with a few streaks and parts of your nails with less color. Nothing a second steady coat won’t fix :).

Here is the link if you want to buy them yourself they are currently $12 on Sale.

Have a great Friday,

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