What I’m loving Week #7


This week was really busy. I’m starting to think that life wants me to be more exciting so they like to continuously add more problems for me to solve. As you can see this week’s favorite things are a bit of a strange compilement. Lets break them down to fitness & chocolate and beauty.


I finally got around to go to the grocery store YES! (How sad is it that I finally had an hour to shop for food) I picked up Runner’s World Magazine and guess what they must have known that I am recovering from an injury and dedicated this issue to me. Look at the top corner “Injury-prevention Special” that has MICHELLE written all over it. Going along with that I had to pick up more KT tape to be able to continue to go to the gym, without this my knee is in pain. What is the best way to deal with pain?? CHOCOLATE!!!!! yes I have been using chocolate as a pick me up and my favorite one currently is Andes.


Enough about pain and stuffing my face full of chocolate. Lets talk about my beauty holy grails for this week. As a result of a busy week I have had no time to get “enough” sleep so Benefits Erase Paste is my BFF. Going along with that usually look like a zombie unless I add some blush and with lack of sleep you can over do blush sometimes. I have been loving this Maybelline Mineral Power Blush you can’t over do it and it’s such a natural peachy color.

This week I received my Urban Decay package and let me just tell you I am really enjoying there Naked Basics palette it is just what you need to complete one natural day appropriate eye look with a shade that works as a eyeliner as well. Oh i also forgot to tell you I picked up more nail polishes. *face palm* I really didn’t need any more but look at the pretty colors… review coming soon incase you wanted to check these out for yourself as well.

Have a great week everyone!
See you on Wednesday with the UD nail Polish review.

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