It’s hard to say good bye…


A Good Bye is never easy.

But it does not have to be forever.

This past Wednesday I found out that my closest friend since 8th grade is moving. She recently got a job 2 hours away in a big city. She found out that same week and she has been living a roller coater of a week.

As I processed this information I began to feel terribly sad. I was not going to have my work-out buddy, my best friend in the same town any more. I would not be able to call her up and hang out within a 15 minute time span.

I was loosing a part of me. (I see her at least once a week)

I know she is just 2 hours away but for me this is a adjustment I was not ready for. Yes i knew eventually she would get a job. She is extremely brilliant and a hard worker. I just didn’t think it would hit me this hard.

I know I will go up and see her as much as I can, but I will miss her very much.

I guess all I can say is life’s a fun ride, enjoy it!

Cherish the moment you have with the people that make you feel alive, the people that will be there no matter what.

I guess this is just part of growing up.

Best of luck to my best friend on her new adventure.



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