What I’m Loving Week #6

Welcome back to another what I’m loving weekly post.
This week I have some awesome things that I have been loving.


First off lets can I just say that last week was crazy and I needed more sleep than what I actually got.


About a week ago I found my old Polaroid camera and it made me think back to when I was 10 and thought I was a professional photographer that captured amazing pictures. Sadly I couldn’t find any of my old Polaroid shots. Like I mentioned earlier in this post this week was not to kind to me. I enjoyed drinking my tea out of a cool mug. Yes! Spiderman mugs are all the rage at least in my eyes.


This week was far from what I needed and that meant I took less time looking cute and more time trying to manage what all I was doing. I still tried to accessorize with a cute statement flower ring. I also refused to leave the house without smelling like spring. I blame my obsession of a perfume, Coach Poppy.

The last thing you will see in this picture is an on going project I am working on and that is a recipe box. I want to compile recipes I have made into one convenience place. I picked these blank recipe card at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and knew this was something I could do in the next months.

Any one watch the Oscars, I loved  all of the dresses and the guys in tuxedos to die for.

Let’s hope this week is kinder to me
See you on Wednesday.


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