Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day


So this post goes out to all my fellow single ladies this Valentine’s Day. I wanted to compile a list of things you can do this “single awareness day” that will make you feel just like any of the other sappy couples this day.


1. Make yourself a good healthy breakfast. Take the time to embellish it and sit and enjoy it. Trust me the little details and the fact that you aren’t rushing will make your day start off on the right foot.


2. Take out that palette that you promised yourself you would use and add a pop of color or add some color to your every day look. The same with your lips if you really don’t feel comfortable with a colorful eyeshadow play up your lips. Pick one or the other but trust me it will give you a boost of confidence you will sure to attract a few good looks from the opposite sex.


3. Watch your favorite movie. Heck just watch your favorite TV show. There is nothing better than treating yourself to something you enjoy. While you are at it buy yourself some chocolate trust me the gym will be there in the morning.


4. Treat yourself to something whether it is cupcakes, flowers, new shoes or just a good book. Remember you have plenty of time to look for that special someone but today is all about you.

Remember if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t expect others to want to.
Have fun and good luck.


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