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If you have yet to check out my last running post. You can find it here http://nyrmirez.com/2012/11/15/my-running-story/

Where do I start with this post? Oh Yeah my injury DUH!
In early October I visited a orthopaedic & Sports Medicine doctor. I was having issues with my knees. Let me define what I considered an issue. A sharp pain in my patella every time I ran over 3/4 of a mile maybe even less than that. I ran with this “issue” for about 2 weeks the pain came and went depending on what I was running/doing that day. I finally got that checked out and I was diagnosed with a tilted patella on my right leg and most likely on my left as well but he said that it might take a while for it too show up. I was fitted for a brace that same afternoon and I was on my way to continue to deal with my “issue”.

Fast forward a week after my appointment and the left knee is screaming for attention (GREEAATT!!). I knew this was too much for me to handle on my own, and I called the physical theraphy (PT) department and asked for an appointment. I could not bear the thought of never running again or ever being able to go up steps. I ended up going to PT for about 3 months and while on the close eye of my physical therapist I learned that I hyper extend my legs and that can also be a huge cause to my “issue”.

Lets look at where I am today shall we. I returned to my somewhat normal physical activity the second week of January. I was able to get on the elliptical, treadmill and the bike. I have been doing really well on getting my body use to running again. Let me tell you that was a painful process I had lost almost all of my speed and endurance I had to start from zero. I am currently running a mile and a half at a very proud 12 minutes per mile. I have learned that easy does it and that I am still a runner no matter what speed I am going at.

Here are a few things I learned from my PT experience.
1. Always have shorts in your car (TRUST ME!). The shorts they provide you suck and are made of paper. Let’s not even ask why I didn’t bring shorts the first day of PT.
2. Warming up before any type of activity can help you avoid injury. (YES! I did this before but now I have to do 20 minutes on the bike every time before I think about running)
3. It’s okay to need help when you have an injury, no shame in that! I was adamant about treating the “issue” by myself, but I quickly realized it was way to big of a problem for me to handle.
4. Starting over does not mean you lose everything. It means you have an opportunity to rebuild your foundation and make it stronger.
5. Sometimes your body needs a break. In my case it needed a break and some TLC to be back to normal.

Have you ever suffered a sports injury? Or any kind of injury that has slowed you down?
How did you deal with that?


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  1. I had a slight injury after a half marathon last year. I went to a physio who diagnosed the problem (a number of small issues adding up to cause the problem.) I got some exercises to do and had to slowly build my mileage back up again. I’m a big fan of foam rolling, I think it really helps with running along with a good warm-up and cool down routine. Good luck!

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