My New Favorite Lipsticks


Every once in a while I will be suckered into trying a new product a company comes out with. This year I seem to have forgotten my promise to stop buying make up! Once again my will was weak, and I purchased not one but five of my new favorite lipsticks. They are such beautiful colors! The only downside is that they are more of a spring/summer shades. (Let’s pretend it is 40+ degree warmer where I am shall we.)


Introducing Maybelline’s Vivid Lipsticks. As you can tell I picked up a few colorful shades to try out.
My two absolute favorites have to be, Shocking Coral (pictured below) and Vivid Rose.

I will say that the only down side is that they do smell like play-dough before applying them to your lips and the smell seems to disappear when they are actually on your lips.

The wear on these lingers after you have eaten/had something to drink. The color is not as evenly on your lips, but you won’t have to apply as much to get the same color on your lips. You can even get away with just applying a lip gloss over your lips if you don’t like to re-apply lipstick.


Have you tried out the new Maybelline Vivid collection?
What is your favorite color?


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