How I clean my makeup brushes

Probably most of you already know that you need to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week.
I know I know I am guilty of not cleaning them as often as I should. I wanted to write this post to remind me that I should be doing this more often and so should you (if you already do disregard this message).

1. Step one pull out all of your dirty brushes.

2. Step two use your favorite brush cleaner: I am using a antibacterial dish soap.
It works just as well as anything else I have tried and it disinfect 🙂


3. Step three separate your brushes into two piles and tackle bigger brushes first.
The bigger brushes seem to take me forever.

4. Step four damp all of your brushes before adding your cleanser.

5. Step five add your cleanser to your brushes. I like to dip all of my brushes into my small bowl.

6. Step six Massage your cleanser into the bristles of the brush until you get a nice lather

7. Step seven rinse off all of the cleanser and wring out the water as gently as possible to not pull the brush bristles.

8. Step eight places your brushes in a drying rack or on a towel.


9. Step nine tackle the your small eye/ face brushes the same way you did your big ones.
Allow 6-8 hrs for the small brushes to be dry.
The bigger ones can take up to 24-32 hrs to dry.

10. Step ten enjoy clean brushes the rest of the week.

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