Welcome to Nyrmirez

I can’t believe this is happening! I want to welcome you back to my little corner of the Internet. This has been a long time coming and I am so excited that I can officially reclaim my voice and my blog back from the cobwebs that laid on it. I have so much to share and I hope you will all join me in this new chapter of my life. So with that being said let me reintroduce myself.

Hi! My name is Michelle and I run Nyrmirez and I am so excited to be back behind these keyboards. What can you expect as a reader… Well honesty, realness and a lot of makeup, baking, DIY’s and travel. I want this little corner of the web to be a bright and cheerful place for anyone that stumbles upon it. You can also expect some hard topics such as mental health, unhappiness and managing how to be a adult in this world. I promise to keep things fun, but genuine.

Thank you for stopping by and giving me another chance at this blogging thing.




Mac Cosmetics x Selena Quintanilla

Happy Monday Everyone!

I know it’s been a while. I took a long break. I need to rejuvenate and come back with inspiration to continue back and share on this space. So much has changed since I last wrote a blog post and I hope you are doing well. I feel like we all need something good in our lives so I wanted to share these products with you all.

I managed to get my hands on three products from this launch and I wanted to share these beauties with you all. This collection is so beautiful.

I’m so in love with the products I picked up and can’t wait to do a makeup look for you all!

I hope you are having a good week.

Stay safe!


Halloween Costume: Minnie Mouse with a twist

Happy Monday Everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner and I have a few special looks for you. My first one is a Minnie Mouse look with a bit of a dark twist. I hope you enjoy.

Start off with a super simple makeup look. Focus the look on the eyeliner and red lipstick for a more Minnie Mouse inspired feel.

I purchased my accessories from Spirit Halloween and the dress is from Target. You can leave it alone and have a tradition look or take it up a notch and make it dark.

I created a base out of hot glue for my broken sword so it could give the effect that I had been stabbed and I hadn’t taken it out yet.

Attach your plastic handle on with spirit gum and hold for 10 minutes until it is attached to your skin. This is a very annoying step, but trust me it’s worth it. Once it’s stuck onto your skin conceal with foundation and add fake blood to make it look realistic.

I hope you all enjoyed this creative take on Minnie Mouse. It’s super simple and a unique way to dress up as your beloved mouse.

Have a great day!


3 Things you should buy from Trader Joe’s this Fall

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It’s officially October and that means that Fall is here. I know the weather here in VA doesn’t reflect that statement, but we will ignore that. I am so excited because Trader Joe’s has some new Fall products. These are the three home products I encourage you to try along with all there Pumpking Spice Foods.

  • Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Mask
  • Honecrisp Apple Mini Scent Diffuser
  • Fresh Flowers

Also don’t forget that they have a great selection of fall flavored food and Pumpkin Spice goodies.

What are your favorite Fall things from Trader Joe’s?

Have a wonderful day!


bh Cosmetics – Beautiful in Barcelona Palette

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing a new palette I picked up that I just think is going to be perfect for this Fall. I think it has such a amazing variety of tones that scream out F-A-L-L and cooler weather. I am planning on showing you all a few looks from this palette in the coming weeks. Expect a full review in my first makeup look featuring this palette.

I am so excited for all of the content that I have for you all in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share some really amazing looks that should spice up your Fall season.

Have a great day and I will see you on Monday with a makeup look featuring this palette that.


Austin, Texas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday and my mini vacation is over. For those of you that did not follow my live updates on Instagram I was in Austin, Texas this past weekend and I came back yesterday. I was there for a wedding and decided to extend my trip and explore. I wanted to share a highlight reel of what I did.

On the first night my boyfriend and I booked a Airbnb experience, sunset kayak with 1.5 million bats to kick off the beginning of the trip. I’ll have a separate blog post about this particular experience.

On Saturday we had the wedding to attend to and on Sunday we had a pretty relaxing day with a Tex Mex cooking class to finish off the night. I want to point out that was all made by us from scratch.

On Monday we did most of our exploring and it was great to just drive around and see what Austin is all about. We got some good food, vintage shopping and comic book store exploring mixed in.

Overall it was a wonderful trip and wedding! Now it’s time to get back to reality and get ready for Fall to officially stop by and say hello.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. See you on Friday!


Fallin’ All in You – Make up Tutorial

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a look I created using the Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette. I was inspired to create a sparkly fall look to rock on a date night, girls night out or a just because look. I hope you all enjoy.

What I used:

  • Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundations
  • Sweet Talk Pressed Powder Palette
  • Tarte Hotel Heiress bronzer & Unstoppable Blush
  • Wet n Wild Metallic Eyeliner
  • KA-BROW! Cream Gel Brow #4
  • Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Hudson
  • Covergirl Last Blast Volume Mascara

This look will absolutely shine when the light hits it sadly my camera couldn’t capture that, but trust me it is a show stopper. The best part is that you don’t need anything else other than this palette. Overall I am extremely impressed by the quality of these shadows and the way this look turned out.

Let me know if you want any other looks using this palette or if you have this palette and what are your thoughts on it?

Have a great start to your week and I will see you on Wednesday !


Colourpop Sweet Talk Pressed Powder Palette

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a new palette I discovered that will be one of the palettes that will transition me over to fall. I loved the orange and yellow tones in this palette, but what really drew me in was the the pressed Glitter shadows. I am going to be taking this with me on my trip to Austin, TX for my friends wedding this upcoming weekend and I am so excited to create a cute sparkly look for this wedding.

If you are in the market for a new soft playful palette for Fall I would recommend checking this out. Perfect for all the Holiday parties without being too in your face with the colors.

Stay tuned I will be creating two looks from this palette and will be post them next week.

Have a great Friday and I will see you on Monday!


The dc blogger: Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my experience at the DC Blogger Meet-up. We got a chance to go to the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event at the Pentagon City Mall Nordstrom and it was such a fun event. I wanted to compile a highlight reel for you all.

I got to hang out with Cierra and Kasi at this event.

Outfit Details:

  • Time and Tru Women’s Long Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt – Walmart
  • Black Skirt – Goodwill
  • Black Belt – Walmart – In store only
  • Marc Fisher Suede Pointy Toe Pumps in Camel – QVC
  • Gold Hoops – Walmart – In store only

I hope you all enjoy this recap. I’m having so much fun attending these events and getting to meet so many lovely new blogger. This particular event was so much fun getting to see some of the hot new items available this Fall.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday and I will see you on Friday.


BROWS! How I managed & Style mine.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my brow routine. I don’t do anything crazy with my brows, but I am a firm believer that well groomed brows are important. I get my brows threaded every 3-4 weeks. In between that time I plug any visible growth without taking away from the shape that I have. Many brow stylist don’t recommend that because you can mess up your shape, but I am always extra careful and this helps prolong my trips to my threader.

I use the KABrow! cream gel brow color from Benefit. I have been using this religiously for about a year now and I absolutely love how my brows look. I’m not a professional at filling in my brows, but I have gotten many complements at how natural they look without taking away from my face.


I love that my brows stay in place all day long with this product and that even if I touch my forehead I’m not running the risk of the product smudging. This product is sweat proof and waterproof and I can attest to this. If you are in the market for a new eyebrow product definitely check out this brow cream.

Have a happy Monday and I’ll see you all on Wednesday.


Thedcblogger September Meetup

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I want to recap my experience at the DC blogger event. For those of you who may not be aware there is a blogger union in Washington, DC. Actually there are also located in multiple other places as well. Check out the official blogger union page here for more information.

On September 7th I was able to partake in an event thrown by the DC Blogger union and it was so much fun. This event focused on tips and tricks for bloggers and the speaker was Jacqueline from The Modalista. She was absolutely the sweetest and had a lot of helpful tips for anyone starting off in this avenue.

The venue was held at the national harbor and it was such a beautiful morning next to the water. My picture don’t do the scenery justice. Definitely a space I would encourage anyone to go and check out.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday!