Let’s catch up!


Happy Monday Everyone!

A lot has happened since I last sat down and wrote my last blog post. For starters I graduated with my MSW and then 5 days later I got on a plane and left for India and Nepal. The last month has been crazy, exciting and eye opening. Where do I start with this blog post. Oh yeah with graduation… duh! On May 18th at noon I was walking out of my universities convocation arena as Michelle R, MSW. On May 20th I was fortunate enough to celebrate with all of the people I love. Finally on May 23rd I got on two different planes and spent 3 weeks in India and Nepal.

Here is a sneak peek at my visual diary of both events, enjoy!







I hope you all enjoy this catch up post and don’t forget to come back throughout the week  for more posts on my trip to India and Nepal.

Have a great start to your week!

See you all on Wednesday. 





Llife has been hard, complicated and emotional.

I graduate in 26 days and my brain can’t focus on anything else so for the next two weeks I will be MIA. I am wrapping up a ton of assignments and don’t think I will have enough time to blog. Please forgive me and don’t forget about little old me.


A quick life update is that I got my first and most likely only tattoo. It’s very powerful and important to me to keep exploring this beautiful world, who I am and the people around me. This world is too short to not explore everything around us.

Thank you for your patients!

Much love from a sleep deprived grad student.


Si Se Pudo – Graduation Cap


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all a closer look at my graduation cap. I have been working on this bad boy for the last month and I finally got it all together. I am absolutely in love with it. I hope this serves as inspiration for anyone looking to make something similar.

What you will need:

Graduation Cap

Your choice of scrapbook paper for background and letter

A border of your choosing (I used a pearl border used for scrap booking)

A custom bow found here.

Small figurines for decoration (purchased at the craft store)






Honestly, this was a bit of a trial and error type of DIY and I suggest you practice before you start working on the actual material you are going to use. I used stencils for the letter and hot glued the rest of the items on.

Hopefully this is helpful!

Good luck.


30 Days to go…


Happy Monday Everyone!

On May 18th I will be completing one of my biggest dreams up to date and that is receiving my MSW. I did a small photoshoot to celebrate the occasion and I wanted to share a few pictures that I think represent where I am currently in life.

Stay tune for a break down of my graduation cap in the next blog post this up coming Wednesday.




Let the count down begin!

Have a great week.


Youtuber’s Made Me Buy it: Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette – Gold


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am starting a new series where I share with you some of my new purchases that I made solely on the fact that I wanted to support a youtuber. The youtuber I am talking about this time is Casey Holmes a beauty vlogger based from GA. She partnered with Smashbox for a awesome collaboration on two highlighter palettes. I picked up the gold Spotlight Palette because I thought that would suit my skin tone best. In the next few days I will be sharing a look I created inspired by this palette.






I am so excited to have this highlight palette in my life it’s such a nice travel palette to have. There are three different types of highlighter for any look you want to create. Stay tune for a more in depth review in the next weeks.

Have a great weekend!



Guest Post: Belif Aquabomb Review


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I have a lovely treat for you all, one of my friends has so kindly agreed to do a few guest posts as I try to juggle grad school and this lovely blog. I hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to leave a lovely comment for her to read.


So I don’t usually write reviews about products but having used Belif Aqua Bomb, this is something I am passionate about. I have combination skin that leans towards the dry end of the spectrum. Once I get out of the shower in the morning, my face is super dry so I usually put some generic lotion on it.
This time I put Aqua Bomb on instead and it goes on smoothly with a cooling effect. It also doesn’t leave you with that slimy feeling that most lotions give you when you apply it. I went all day and my face was super hydrated. I didn’t even see my skin flaking (yay genetics!) through out the day. During the night, I washed my face and reapplied. I am now going to ditch all other face lotion and stick with this one.
Though it is a tad pricey, they can honestly have my first born children.
Where you can purchase this product: Sephora
The Price: $38 USD
Rating: 5/5
About The Guest Blogger:
My name is Alice and I currently live in Austin (for all the tacos, of course). I love to design things- whether it is web pages, logos, a face full of makeup, or crafts. I went to university in the same area that Michelle did (shout out to H-Burg!), however, it wasn’t until she moved to the D.C. area that we started hanging out through our mutual friend, Mavra. I am an avid Netflix marathoner and am known to not leave the apartment for an entire weekend to finish a series. Arya and Khaleesi are my two kitty furbabies who have recently began to use their robotic litter box. #blessed

February Favorites 2017


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a few things I have been loving for the month of February. I feel like I blinked and this month was gone. Honestly I am not really enjoying how fast these past couple months have been going. I have so much to do before May and I am hoping that I can accomplish everything before graduation.


This month I gravitated towards a variety of different products that helped me make February very productive month. When it comes to my makeup I want a no fuss look that can be transitioned based on how I feel each day.


This Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild is a product that instantly adds a healthy glow to my skin and makes me seem more awake than I actually am. I apply it with this realTechniques duo-fiber brush which keeps me from applying too much.


I have returned back to my this oldie but goodie, the covergirl Lashblast volume. My lashes cannot be happier. I absolutely love how this mascara is exactly the right formula for my lashes.


So I know that if you have been following me for a while on this blog you know that I have a healthy obsession with this lip product. This It Cosmetics CC+Lip Serum in love is such a beautiful color, and it’s also very hydrating without it being too sticky.


This month I visited my local Tony Moly and picked up a few things and one of my favorite finds is this hand cream that has squirtle and I am obsessed. The formula is not sticky and soaks into your hands really quickly.


Last but not least I finally replaced my old plain black band on my Fitbit Blaze and I am absolutely in love. This gold band looks so much more professional and a lot more classier than the one the Fitbit came with.

So I have a ton of new content coming your way! I had to take a break due to school, but get ready this month will be jammed packed with so much diverse content and I hope you come back and check it out.

What are some of your favorites for this month? Anything you are dying to recommend? 

Have a great day!